Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Practical Life activities!

The Montessori Practical Life curriculum has five direct aims that prepare the child for beginning writing skills. These individual activities can then strengthen the child's hand for later writing words.
  •   Direct Aims of the Practical Life Activities and Curriculum

    The Montessori Practical Life Curriculum has five direct aims:
    1. Concentration - The child will develop strong concentration skills as he focuses on the task at hand. Concentration is key to observation, an important learning mechanism.
    2. Coordination - As the child manipulates the various tools, he will become more coordinated in his motor skills. Coordination allows him to manipulate the pencil.
    3. Control - As the child becomes more coordinated, he also is able to exert more control over his actions. Control over the pencil leads to better handwriting.
    4. Independence - The child learns the process involved in the activities, which are broken down step-by-step. This way he is able to perform the activities without assistance, thus moving closer to the ultimate goal of independence. The greater his sense of independence, the more likely he will be to independently write.
    5. Order - Each activity has a specified order in which it is carried out. Activities are set up on the shelves in a particular order. The young child craves order in his environment. Formation of letters also follows a particular order.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012